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Fishing Tackle Books - Published 1950-1959

Aldridge, J. (1955). Undersea hunting for inexperienced Englishmen. London, G. Allen.

Alex Martin, L. (1954). Fishing tackle of quality.

Alex Martin, L. (1959). Fishing tackle, [Glasgow].

Arthur, A. (1950). Allan's patent "Spinet" reels. Glasgow, The Firm.

Bates, L. V. (1953). Tackle-making for anglers. London, H. Jenkins limited.

Bazley, J. H. R. (1954). Coarse fishing: a practical treatise on the sport and choice of tackle and water, Witherby.

Bell Frederick, H. (1956). The Incidental capture of halibut by various types of fishing gear, Seattle.

Burdon, T. W. and Singapore (1959). The fishing gear of the State of Singapore. By T. W. Burdon, Singapore.

Clague, J. A. and B. Datingaling (1950). Fishing gear preservatives for Philippine waters. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.

Davies, W. E. (1952). The technique of freshwater fishing and tackle tinkering. Kingswood, Surrey, A. G. Elliot.

Davies, W. E. (1953). The technique of sea fishing and tackle tinkering. Kingswood, Surrey, Elliot.

Davies William, E. (1952). The Technique of Freshwater Fishing and Tackle Tinkering. Written and illustrated by W. E. Davies. Kingswood, Andrew George Elliot.

Davis Frederick, M. (1958). An Account of the Fishing Gear of England and Wales, London.

Doukan, G. (1953). Underwater hunting. London, Allen & Unwin.

Edelsten, G. (1951). The Plug and the Salmon. Beckenham, Fishing Gazette.

Eeles, H. H. (1954). Tackle making for fishermen. London, New York, A. Coles; J. de Graff.

Foster, W. L. (1953). Fishing Tackle. Sixth edition. London, "Bazaar Exchange & Mart" Office.

Foster, W. L. (1953). Fishing tackle: modern improvements in angling gear, with instructions on tackle-making for the amateur. London, The "Bazaar exchange & mart" office.

Foster, W. L. (1958). Fishing tackle: making and repairing. London, (Thorsons Publishers).

Foster, W. L. and R. Clapham (1958). Fishing Tackle. With. an additional chapter on tackle repairing by Richard Clapham. (Seventh edition.). London, Thorsons Publishers.

Gammon, C. (1959). Hook, line and spinner. London, Heinemann.

Graham Joseph, J. and D. Stewart Dorothy (1958). Estimating Maximum Fishing Depth of Longline Gear with Chemical Sounding Tubes, Washington.

Harter, L. and T. Carlile (1953). Spin tackle fishing. [Los Angeles, Trend Books].

Herter, G. L. (1958). Professional fly tying and tackle making manual and manufactures' guide; authentic fly tying dictionary of popular patterns and a complete outline of fishing entomology. [Waseca, Minn.

Indo-Pacific Fisheries, C. (1958). Annotated bibliography on fishing gear and methods. Rome, FAO.

Ivanovi'e, I. S. (1953). Spearfishing; a handbook for beginners. New York, Barnes.

Ivanovi*c, I. S. (1955). Modern spearfishing. New York, Barnes.

Jones, M. L. (1952). A guide to skin diving and underwater spearfishing. Concord, Calif., Universal Sales Co.

Koller, L. (1955). The complete book of fishing tackle. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill.

Kristjonsson, H. (1959). Modern fishing gear of the world. 1, London.

Kristjonsson, H., Food, et al. (1959). [Hamburg, 1957.] Modern Fishing Gear of the World. Edited by Hilmar Kristjonsson. (Edited versions of papers presented to the Congress.) [With illustrations.]. London, Fishing News (Books).

Lacau, P. (1954). Le panier de pêche égyptien. Le Caire, Imprimerie de l'Institut francais d'archeologie orientale.

Maclaren, P. I. R. and M. Rhodes-Livingstone (1958). The fishing devices of Central and Southern Africa. Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia, Rhodes-Livingstone Museum.

Major, H. (1955). Salt Water Fishing Tackle. Third edition, etc. New York, Funk & Wagnalls Co.

Major, H. (1955). Salt water fishing tackle: the complete book of equipment and its use. New York, Funk & Wagnalls.

Pegley-Davies, L. (1950). Fine fishing tackle: wholesale & export only. [London, Pegley-Davies Ltd.].

Schenck, H. v. N. (1955). Skin diver's and spearfisherman's guide to American waters. Where to go and what you will find when you get there. Cambridge, Md., Cornell Maritime Press.

Schenck, H. v. N. and H. W. Kendall (1954). Shallow water diving and spearfishing. Cambridge, Md., Cornell Maritime Press.

Scofield, W. L. (1956). Trolling gear in California. [Sacramento].

Sundstrom, G. T. (1957). Commercial fishing vessels and gear. Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

Thommen, G. V. (1954). Complete guide to spinning tackle. New York, Crown Publishers.

Thurlow Craig, C. W. (1953). Baitmaker's delight. London, Hutchinson.

Umali, A. F. (1950). Guide to the classification of fishing gear in the Philippines. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.

Umali Agustin, F. (1950). Guide to the Classification of Fishing Gear in the Philippines. Illustrations by Silas G. Duran, Washington.

Underwater World Publishing Company Huntington N.Y. [from old catalog] (1952). Underwater world; a beginner's handbook on spearfishing and shallow water diving. Huntington.

Uttley, A. and K. Wrigglesworth (1957). Snug and the silver spoon. London, William Heinemann Ltd.

Wulff, L. (1955). Let's go fishing! A boy's book on freshwater fishing describing tackle and how to make it, the common baits and how to find them, the common fish and how to fish for them. Philadelphia, Lippincott.

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