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Fishing Tackle Books - Published 2000-2006

Bailey, J. (2003). The complete guide to fishing: the fish, the tackle & the techniques. Guilford, Conn., Lyons Press.

Bailey, J. (2003). Improve your lure fishing: learn the underwater secrets of fish behaviour and habitats. London, New Holland.

Bailey, J. (2004). John Bailey's complete guide to fly fishing: the fish, the tackle & the techniques. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Creative Outdoors.

Baron, F. R. (2002). Commercial fish decoys: identification & value guide: collectible decoys and implements used in the sport of ice spear fishing. Paducah, Ky., Collector Books.

Barsky, K. C. and S. M. Barsky (2000). California lobster diving: biology, gear selection & rigging, regulations, techniques, cooking & eating, where to hunt. Santa Barbara, Calif., Hammerhead Press.

Bonhams (2002). Vintage and modern fishing tackle, cased fish and angling works of art: Friday 11 October 2002. Honiton, Bonhams.

Bonhams (2002). Vintage and modern fishing tackle, cased fish and angling works of art: Friday 17 May 2002. Honiton, Bonhams.

Bonhams (2003). Vintage and modern fishing tackle, angling works of art, carved and cased fish: Friday 17 October 2003. Honiton, Bonhams.

Bonhams (2004). Vintage and modern fishing tackle, angling works of art, carved and cased fish: Friday 14 May 2004. Honiton, Bonhams.

Bonhams (2004). Vintage and modern fishing tackle, carved and cased fish and angling works of art: Friday 16 May 2003. Honiton, Bonhams.

Bonhams (2004). Vintage and modern fishing tackle, works of art, carved and cased fish and important books: Friday 15 October 2004. Honiton, Bonhams.

Bonhams (2005). The angling sale, incorporating the first part of John Simpson's ephemera and tackle collection: Friday 13 May 2005. Honiton, Bonhams.

Burch, M. (2002). The ultimate guide to making outdoor gear and accessories: complete, step-by-step instructions for making decoys, knives, gun stocks, fishing lures, tents, gun cabinets, and much more. Guilford, Conn., Lyons Press.

Davis, F. (2003). The fisherman's tackle box bible. Gretna, La., Pelican Pub. Co.

Deitrich, J. (2003). Spinner fishing for trout: a proven system of tackle, techniques, and strategies for catching trout. Mechanicsburg, PA, Stackpole Books.

Forbes, T. (2002). More PVC projects for the outdoorsman: building inexpensive shelters, hunting and fishing gear, and more out of plastic pipe. Boulder, Colo., Paladin Press.

Galbraith, R. D., A. Rice, et al. (2004). An introduction to commercial fishing gear and methods used in Scotland. Aberdeen, Fishing Research Services.

Garrison, R. (2003). The everything fishing book: grab your tackle box and get hooked on America's favorite outdoor sport. Avon, Mass., Adams Media Corporation.

Gifford, J. A. (2002). Small stream bass: a complete angler's guide to bass fishing off the beaten path: tackle, tactics, timing, and tricks. Woodstock, Vt., Countryman Press.

Gilmore, T. (2002). False albacore: a comprehensive guide to fly fishing's hottest fish: tackle, baitfish, flies, seasonal hot spots, and techniques. Woodstock, Vt., Countryman Press.

Graham, N., R. S. T. Ferro, et al. (2004). The Nephrops fisheries of the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean: a review and assessment of fishing gear design. Copenhagen, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.

Kaimmer, S. M. and C. International Pacific Halibut (2004). 1998 gear and bait experiments. Seattle, Wash., International Pacific Halibut Commission.

Klein, S. (2001). Hook, line & sinker: an angler's companion. London, Michael O'Mara.

Kolbeck, J. A. and R. E. Lewis (2003). Captain John's fishing tackle price guide. Paducah, Ky., Collector Books.

Kreh, L. (2002). Fly fishing the inshore waters. Guilford, Conn., Lyons Press.

Leitch, J. A. (2001). Darkhouse spearfishing across North America. Fargo, Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University.

Lilley, T. (2005). Ultralight fishing. Chanhassen, MN, Creative Pub. International.

Luckey, C. F. (2006). Old fishing lures and tackle. Iola, WI, KP Books, A Division of F+W Publications.

Luckey, C. F. and C. A. Harbin (2002). Old fishing lures & tackle: identification and value guide. Iola, WI, Krause Publications.

Luckey, C. F. and C. A. Harbin (2003). Warman's fishing lures field guide: values and identification. Iola, WI, Krause Publications.

Maritime and Coastguard, A. (2002). Working and protective gear for fishermen: notice to designers, builders, owners, employers, skippers and crew members of fishing vessels. Southampton, Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Melly, G. (2001). Hooked! fishing memories. London, Robson.

Moore, P. G., S. Jennings, et al. (2000). Commercial fishing: the wider ecological impacts. London, British Ecological Society.

Morgan, L. E. and R. Chuenpagdee (2003). Shifting gears: addressing the collateral impacts of fishing methods in U.S. waters. Washington, D.C., Island Press.

Newman, B. (2002). Flyfisher's guide to the Southeast: flyfishing and light tackle in the Carolinas and Georgia. Belgrade, MT, Wilderness Adventures Press.

Notley, L. V. (2002). Guide to saltwater fishing knots for gear & fly fishing: knots for super braid, dacron, braid, and monofilament lines. Portland, Or., Frank Amato Publications.

Øye, I. (2004). Medieval fishing tackle from Bergen and Borgland. Bergen, Norway, Fagbokforlaget.

Parton, S. and T. Sparton Fishing (2000). The fly-school notes: working notes for the beginning, improving, and developing flydresser to use as an on the bench learning aid. Nottingham, Sparton Fishing Tackle.

Perrins, C. M., P. Martin, et al. (2002). The impact of lost and discarded fishing line and tackle on mute swans. Bristol, Environment Agency.

Pfeiffer, C. B. (2002). Shad fishing: techniques, tactics, and tackle. Mechanicsburg, PA, Stackpole Books.

Rosenbauer, T. (2002). The Orvis pocket guide to nymphing techniques: naturals and imitations, tackle, fishing with and without indicators, reading water, matching strategies to the season, and much more. Guilford, Conn., Lyons.

Scheck, A. (2005). Fly fish better: practical advice on tackle, methods, and flies. Mechanicsburg, PA, Stackpole Books.

Scheuhammer, A. M. and S. Canadian Wildlife (2003). Lead fishing sinkers and jigs in Canada: review of their use patterns and toxic impacts on wildlife. Ottawa, Canadian Wildlife Service.

Shewey, J. (2003). The Orvis pocket guide to fly fishing for steelhead: flies, gear, and strategies for taking fish in rivers and streams. Guilford, Conn., Lyons Press.

Sorenson, E. L. and H. Lambert (2000). Classic fishing lures and tackle: an entertaining history of collectible fishing gear. Stillwater, MN, Voyageur Press.

Sosin, M. and M. Sosin (2000). The complete book of light-tackle fishing. New York, Lyons Press.

Sreekrishna, Y., L. Shenoy, et al. (2001). Fishing gear and craft technology. New Delhi, Directorate of Information and Publications of Agriculture, Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Swain, J. (2001). The hook. Elgin, Gopher Publishers.

Turner, R., B. Mount, et al. (2004). Hook, line and sinker: a history of the Herne Bay Angling Association. Herne Bay, Kent, The Herne Bay Angling Association.

Walters, K. (2002). The ingenious angler: hundreds of do-it-yourself projects and tips to improve your fishing boat and tackle. Camden, Me., International Marine.

Wendelburg, T. and J. Mayers (2001). Catching big fish on light fly tackle. Madison Wis., University of Wisconsin Press.

Williamson, R. (2002). Creative flies. Portland, OR, Frank Amato Publications, Inc.

Wilson, J. (2001). Baits and artificial lures. London, Boxtree.

Wilson, R., C. University of British Columbia. Fisheries, et al. (2004). Fishing gear associated with global marine catches. Vancouver, The Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia, in collaboration with the World Resources Institute.

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