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Fishing Tackle Books - Published 1990-1994

Apfelbaum, B., E. Gottlieb, et al. (1990). Beneath the ice: the art of the spearfishing decoy. New York; in association with the Museum of American Folk Art, E. P. Dutton.

Bailey, J. (1993). Perfect your tackle. Marlborough, Crowood.

Calabi, S. (1994). The illustrated encyclopedia of fly-fishing: a complete A-Z of terminology, tackle & techniques. London, Hale.

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Commission of the European, C. (1994). Communication from the Commission: fishing with passive gear in the Community; the need for management, its desirability and feasibility. Brussels, Commission of the European Communities.

Commission of the European Communities. (1992). Multilingual Dictionary of Fishing Gear. Oxford, England, Fishing News Books.

DeAlteris, J. T., K. M. Castro, et al. (1990). Practical twinework for fishermen and gear technologists. Kingston, R.I., ICMRD.

Delph, J. (1991). Firearms & tackle memorabilia: a collector's guide. West Chester, Pa., Schiffer Pub.

Dutfield, M., S. Harford, et al. (1990). Legering and feeder fishing. Henlow Camp, Beekay.

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Food and Agriculture, O. (1993). Recommendations for the marking of fishing gear: Expert consultation on the marking of fishing gear: Report, FAO.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United, N. (1993). Recommendations for the marking of fishing gear: supplement to the Report of the expert consultation on the marking of fishing gear: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 14-19 July 1991. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Hughes, D. (1990). Tackle and technique for taking trout: how to select the right tackle and improve your casting, playing, and landing skills. Harrisburg, Pa, Stackpole Books.

Hughes, D. (1991). Strategies for stillwater: the tackle, techniques, and flies for taking trout in lakes and ponds. Harrisburg, PA, Stackpole Books.

Jones, R. and A. Carmarthen Amateur Angling (1994). Hook, line and history: a brief history of the Carmarthen Amateur Angling Association: 1894-1994. Carmarthen, Carmarthen Amateur Angling Association.

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Nédélec, C. and J. Prado (1990). Definition and classification of fishing gear categories = Définition et classification des catégories d'engins de pêche = Definición y clasificación de las diversas categorías de artes de pesca. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Newman, B. (1994). Inshore fishing the Carolinas' coasts: finding and catching the most popular salt-water game fish. Asheboro, N.C., Down Home Press.

O'Reilly, P. and D. Hoskin (1992). An introduction to fly tying. Marlborough, Crowood.

Pfeiffer, C. B. (1993). Modern tackle craft. New York, Lyons & Burford.

Plath, D. W., G. Earlham College. Institute for Education on Japan. Media Production, et al. (1993). Fit surroundings. Japan, resources for understanding. Richmond, Ind., Center for Educational Media, Institute for Education on Japan, Earlham College.

Quinn, T. (1994). Collecting fishing tackle: a beginner's guide. London, Sportsman's Press.

Quinn, T. (1994). Collecting Fishing Tackle: Beginner's Guide, Sportsman's P.

Reid, C. and R. Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic (1992). Managing technological change in fishing: the Herring Industry Board and new technology, 1945-1977. Portsmouth, Centre for Marine Resource Economics, University of Portsmouth.

Rice, F. (1993). Tying trout flies: lures, nymphs and buzzers. London, Batsford.

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Singer, A. (1993). Master of the fishing spear.

Soucie, G. (1994). Hook, line, and sinker: the complete angler's guide to terminal tackle. New York, H. Holt.

Thompson, E. (1994). Draggerman's haul: the personal history of a Connecticut fishing captain. Watch Hill, R.I., Book & Tackle Shop.

Udolisa, R. E. K., Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Regional Office for Africa., et al. (1994). A catalogue of small-scale fishing gear in Nigeria. Accra

Lagos, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research.

Veale, M. (1992). Fishing lures. London, Sportsman's.

Veale, M. (1993). Fishing lures: a practical guide. London, Sportsman's.

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Williamson, T. c. (1991). The complete angler's vade-mecum: being a perfect code of instruction on the above pleasing science: wherein are detailed, a great variety of original practices and inventions; together with all that can contribute to the sportsman's amusement and success. Illustrated with engravings. The Nineteenth Century. General Collection; title no. N.1.1.5031. Cambridge, Chadwyck-Healey Ltd.

Wilson, J. (1993). Baits. London, Boxtree.

Wisconsin. Bureau of Fisheries Management. and Wisconsin. Dept. of Natural Resources. Bureau of Law Enforcement. (1994). Fishing and boating on the Mississippi River: Wisconsin, a great state to fish! tuck it in your tackle box! bring it on your boat! [Madison, Wis.], Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, Bureau of Fisheries Management and Bureau of Law Enforcement.

Woog, A. (1991). Sexless oysters and self-tipping hats: 100 years of invention in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, Wash., Sasquatch Books.

Surveys 100 years of inventions in the Pacific Northwest, in such fields as outdoor gear, games, fishing and shipbuilding, and medicine.

Yates, A. and T. Entwistle (1992). The complete book of sea fishing: tackle & techniques. Newton Abbot, David & Charles.

Young, P. and B. B. C. Scotland (1992). Hooked on Scotland, Mainstream Pub. Co., 1992.

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